Sepahan Jarow is the first brand of vacuum cleaner production in Iran, which by using modern technology and accurate understanding of customer needs has been able to produce products that meet both current and future needs in cleanliness. Sepahan Jarow drum type vacuum cleaners are one of the products of this company that with its high power and proper design has been able to capture a high share of the Iranian market. Sepahan Jarow bucket vacuum cleaners due to their suitability for all climatic conditions, especially in the Middle East. It has been able to attract many of these regions and export to Iran’s neighboring countries and become a prominent brand in these countries.

Sepahan Jarow, in addition to the technology of producing bucket vacuum cleaners, also has the most up-to-date technology in the production of sleeping vacuum cleaners.

Beautiful design is one of the most prominent features of this series, which by combining it with technology has become the most popular brand of sleeping vacuum cleaners in Iran.

High suction up-to-date technology, beautiful design, high filtration and low noise are some of the features of these products

Which has been able to meet all tastes and needs.

Because we are Sepahan Jarow and we have come to produce the best.  Because you deserve it and we guarantee it


Sepahan Jarow Production was established in 1986 by Mojtaba Tanbakouei. The combination of modern needs and technology led to the production of the company’s first product. A product whose innovation was a beating heart.

Shekoofeh was the first product that made our driving force an innovation and we became the first manufacturer of tank vacuum cleaner with wire collector in Iran. Originality and innovation is the part of our being that builds and builds our past and future.

Because we are Sepahan Jarow…

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The future starts today. Over time, the world around us will change. Lifestyle, food, clothing, supplies and…

To keep up with change, we use the elixir of technology and innovation to not only meet your needs today, but to go beyond and anticipate and meet your future needs.