Drum Type Series

Sepahan Jarow Economic Vacuum Cleaner is another bucket vacuum cleaner that can actually be considered as a shekoufe vacuum cleaner that has been produced with an economic approach.

The economical vacuum cleaner has a single-impeller motor of SJM type, which has an optimal energy consumption with a power consumption of 1500 watts and receiving the A label. The motor is controlled by a fast, slow two-way switch mounted on the head of the vacuum cleaner, allowing you to adjust the vacuum cleaner to suit your needs. Another thing about the engine of this device is the use of sound and heat insulation. In fact, in order to maintain safety and reduce engine noise, refractory fibers and noise filters have been used.

Energy Efficiency Rating A
Power 1500w
Cable length 6m
Voltage 220-230v 50Hz
Engine speed 32000r.p.m
vacuum pressure 230m.bar
Tank capacity 21Liter
Debit 58 l/s