Bagged Type Series

N ECO vacuum cleaner is from the Sepahan jarow family of vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaners, which has been designed and produced with an economic approach but with the highest accuracy and quality. The 1500 watt motor of this vacuum cleaner is of SJM type, which is turned on and off by the pedal on the device.

Simplicity is a prominent feature of this vacuum cleaner, which makes it very easy to use; That’s why it’s one of the most popular vacuum cleaners for the elderly. Of course, despite its simplicity, it has a beautiful appearance.

N ECO has a body made of durable and unbreakable black plastic. The accompanying items of this vacuum cleaner are embedded inside the body and next to its 4-liter tank. There are two control pedals on the body of the N ECO vacuum cleaner, one used to turn the device on / off and the other to pull the wire.

Energy Efficiency Rating A
Power 1500w
Cable length 6m
Voltage 220-230v 50Hz
Engine speed 32000r.p.m
vacuum pressure 230m.bar
Tank capacity 4Liter
Debit 58 l/s