Drum Type Series

The German motor of 1400 watt Paradise vacuum cleaner, low energy consumption and durable body are just some of the things that guarantee the power and durability of this vacuum cleaner. Of course, along with high durability, the color variety of Paradise has made it suitable for every taste. So by choosing and buying this vacuum cleaner, you will have a vacuum cleaner everything.

The Paradise bucket vacuum cleaner has a 1400 watt German motor, which is of the Dumel type and made by AEG company. This two-speed motor helps you to use a vacuum cleaner at two speeds, fast or slow, according to your needs.

Energy Efficiency Rating A
Power 1400w
Cable length 6m
Voltage 220-230v 50Hz
Engine speed 32000r.p.m
vacuum pressure 230m.bar
Tank capacity 15Liter
Debit 58 l/s