Drum Type Series

Shekoufeh Vacuum Cleaner is the first vacuum cleaner produced by Sepahan Jarow, which, due to its value to the company, constantly updates it in order to remain at the top in terms of strength and durability.
The dual-blade vacuum cleaner motor gives you extraordinary Shekoufeh , power and suction. This two-propeller motor is of Domel type and made by German AEG company, which has a power consumption of 1300 watts. The motor is controlled by a single-speed control switch mounted on the head of the vacuum cleaner. This powerful motor is also equipped with thermal and sound insulation with the help of refractory fibers and noise filter, which increase the safety of the device.

Energy Efficiency Rating A
Power 1300w
Cable length 6m
Voltage 220-230v 50Hz
Engine speed 32000r.p.m
vacuum pressure 230m.bar
Tank capacity 21Liter
Debit 58 l/s