Drum Type Series

Super shekoufeh vacuum cleaner belongs to the family of bucket and upgraded vacuum cleaners. This powerful vacuum cleaner has a higher tank volume compared to the shekoufeh , and this feature makes it more suitable for use in large homes.

Like the shekoufeh , the Super shekoufeh a twin-engine motor that gives you extraordinary power and suction. This is a two-impeller motor of Domel type and made by the German company AEG, which has a power label of A with energy consumption of 1300 watts.

Super shekoufeh vacuum cleaner is designed in such a way that to reduce noise and increase safety, it has used noise-absorbing filters and refractory fibers as thermal and acoustic insulators.

Energy Efficiency Rating A
Power 1300w
Cable length 6m
Voltage 220-230v 50Hz
Engine speed 32000r.p.m
vacuum pressure 230m.bar
Tank capacity 30Liter
Debit 58 l/s