The words of the CEO

Since the invention of the wheel until now, human beings have always been striving, trying and working to meet their needs. Cleanliness, always a messenger of comfort and tranquility, Order and life is one of the main concerns of civilized societies. Sepahan Jarow has changed its approach from “production-oriented” to “market-oriented” beyond its social obligations as a professional duty. This means that the production of durable consumer goods based on the wishes, desires and demands of the consumer is a priority and the provision of comprehensive and appropriate after-sales service is one of our main goals. We are now proud to be a messenger of peace and comfort for our compatriots with 36 years of continuous production of authentic Iranian goods. Satisfaction of the stakeholder chain (suppliers, contractors, sales staff, authorized after-sales service agents, customers and consumers) is our duty and we always see the interests of these loved ones as our own.                                                                                                    Mojtaba Tanbakuei

Managing Director

Sepahan jarow

Take a look at the past

Sepahan Jarow Production was established in 1986 by Engineer Mojtaba Tobacco. The combination of modern needs and technology led to the production of the company’s first product. A product whose innovation was a beating heart.

Shekuofeh was the first product that made our driving force an innovation and we became the first manufacturer of tank vacuum cleaner with wire collector in Iran. Originality and innovation is the part of our being that builds and builds our past and future.

Because we are sepahan jarow

Look to the future

The future starts today. Over time, the world around us will change. Lifestyle, food, clothing, supplies and …

To keep up with change, we use the elixir of technology and innovation to not only meet your needs today, but to go beyond and anticipate and meet your future needs.

36 years of innovation

36 years have passed since the first product of Sepahan Jarow. Products that are still used in their time with up-to-date ideas and innovations.


We believe in technology and technology that allows you to keep it clean to the highest standard.


We take pride in this approach and ensure that you stay fit. For 36 years we have been a brand for people who have been looking for excitement and innovation, excitement for the best.


We have figured out these results with you and this enthusiasm will continue in us.

A combination of originality and innovation

It has always been said that complexity is simple. We want it to be beautiful and graceful for your home.

We have shown you innovation, design, role, color and originality in one product because you deserve the best and we guarantee it.

Proud to be with you

We are very happy and proud to be with you for nearly 4 decades and to help you keep your house clean by providing up-to-date innovations. Over the years, we have gained experience that accurately sees your current needs and anticipates your future needs. We will reach a conclusion with you that not only will we meet the standard of cleanliness you want, but we will go beyond that.

Because we are Sepahan Jarow

The best companion of life